Topical issues discussed at plenary sessions of World Media Summit in Moscow

The World Media Summit on the topic "World media: challenges of the 21st century" was held under the aegis of Russian News Agency "ITAR-TASS" in the International Trade Center in Moscow. 
During the second day of the World Media Summit, the participants discussed the topical problems of mass media at the plenary sessions.
The speeches on the topic "Information Challenges of the 21st century and the world media: the role of the media in conditions of confrontation and revolution" were made by First Deputy Director General of ITAR-TASS Mikhail Gusman, President of the Chinese Agency "Xinhua" Li Jinquan, BBC Director General Peter Horrocks, UNESCO Deputy Director General Yannis Karklinish and heads of other leading media-structures.
The heads of the world`s leading mass media expressed their opinion that it was necessary to react to the existing challenges in a globalizing and rapidly changing world and coordinate positions of traditional media in a century of Internet, social networks and other innovations of scientific-technical progress.
The discussions were also held on the topics "Business and the media: Media survival model in economic crisis conditions. Role of the state and business," "Information of the future: main trends in the transformation of traditional media" were held within the World Media Summit.
The speeches were made by editor-in-chied of "Moskovsky komsomolets" Pavel Gusev, Vice-President of Associated Press John Danishefsky, President of the Japanese Agency "Kyodo" Satoshi Ishikawa, Director of the Serbian Agency TANJUG Branka Djukic, Director General of Azerbaijan State Telegraph Agency (AzerTAc) Aslan Aslanov, who told of problems the mass media face in a modern world and its influence on the mass media and creation of new mechanisms of cooperation.
On constant processes of transformation in all spheres of life in the modern period of globalization, Aslan Aslanov said: "Realizing the essence of the changes relating to professional communities is of paramount importance. In our century, understanding rapid transformations of the media in a globalized world has taken particular topicality amid continuing debates on the imminent death of traditional journalism and its replacement by the social media. In this vein, it is vital to understand the peculiarities of development of the media sector on the modern stage in order to adapt to new conditions and survive instead of being supplanted from the media market by more successful competitors."
"The role of the Internet in the process of globalization can hardly be exaggerated. In fact, the Internet created ample opportunities for every media outlet - even those small and remote from megalopolises - to access the global audience. The most important thing is that the road is open to everyone, there are no thematic or geographical limitations. The ability to create an original content and then spread it competently is of essence here, and it is what we strive for at AzerTAc."
"One can confidently assume that integration of internet media and social networks will be expanding and improving. But one may already state that globalization gave rise to a completely new media scene - interactive converged social media, which have a concrete impact on high-profile traditional and internet media, including AzerTAc. They can complement and correct information produced by biggest outlets. The journalistic community is set to utilize this scene in partnership with the huge "army" stationed in social networks."
"Let me conclude by informing you that this October the capital of Azerbaijan will host the Second International Humanitarian Forum, whose agenda will include the issue of journalism in a globalizing world among other topics. The round table on journalism will be organized in collaboration with ITAR-TASS and AzerTAc. And I would like to see our colleagues from other news agencies take active part in discussing these topical issues."
The official part of the World Media Summit has ended. Summing up the results of the summit, Director General of ITAR-TASS Agency Vitaly Ignatenko expressed his gratitude to its participants.



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