Obituary: Mahmud Karimov

Azerbaijan`s outstanding scientist, president of the country`s National Academy of Sciences, PhD in physics and mathematics, professor, academician Mahmud Karimov died at the age of 65 on February 10, 2013.
Mahmud Karimov was born on October 18, 1948 in the city of Iravan. Together with his family he moved to the capital Baku where he finished a secondary school, and then studied at the faculty of physics at the Azerbaijan State University in 1966–1971. He received his post-graduate education at the Radiation Research Unit of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences in 1975–1978.
After completing his military service, Mahmud Karimov started his professional career at the Institute of Physics of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, which he joined as an engineer in 1973. In 1974–1984, he worked as a junior researcher, senior researcher, academic secretary and laboratory head at the Radiation Research Unit of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences; in 1984–2001, he was director of the Unit. In 2001, Mahmud Karimov was elected president of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, a post he held until his death.
In 1979, Mahmud Karimov defended a candidate`s dissertation in physics and mathematics; in 1989, he received a doctorate; and in 2000, he got a professor`s degree. In 2001, he was elected a full member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.
Mahmud Karimov made valuable contribution to developing physics in Azerbaijan, and played a crucial role in enriching radiation physics and informatics. He conducted important researches in the field of radioecological and radiation materialism, which have been of great importance in terms of the settlement of scientific and technical problems in the field of nuclear and radiation security. Under him, Radiation Research Unit turned into one of the leading institutions of the Academy of Sciences and a respected scientific body on the international scene.
Mahmud Karimov built close cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency to carry out several important projects involving Azerbaijani scientists. He made his contribution to realizing projects in the field of physics and chemistry of deleterious environmental factors. He was a member of commissions on peaceful use of nuclear energy of CIS countries and Turkic-speaking states.
Mahmud Karimov`s researches made a total of nearly 200 scientific works published both in Azerbaijan and abroad. He received many patents and copyright certificates for his scientific achievements. With his speeches, Mahmud Karimov prominently represented Azerbaijan at a large number of high-profile international symposiums, conferences and forums. He was closely involved in the process of preparing highly-skilled scientific manpower both as a scientific adviser and a member of specialized councils.
From the very first day when he was elected president of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Mahmud Karimov had worked tirelessly to lead the process of organization and management of science in the country. In the years of independence, he played an exceptional part in increasing the role of the National Academy of Sciences in the socio-economic life of Azerbaijan, and expanding the country`s cultural and intellectual resources. Under him, the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences had its structure modernized to international standards, while its financial, technical and human resources were considerably strengthened.
As a result of Mahmud Karimov`s scientific and organizational activities modern Azerbaijani science rapidly integrated into the international scientific infrastructure, and Azerbaijan`s relations with foreign countries significantly broadened. As chairman of the Republican Scientific Research Organization and Coordination Council, he made tremendous contributions to ensuring effective coordination of scientific and research processes at government bodies and higher educational institutions.
Having distinguished himself as an active public figure, Mahmud Karimov always took a highly civic and intelligent approach to socio-cultural events taking place in the country. His activities as chairman of the Board of Directors of the Coordination Council of World Azerbaijanis were commendable too.
Rich scientific and organizational activities of academician Mahmud Karimov were very highly valued as he was honored with Shohrat Order, a high award of the Republic of Azerbaijan, for his role in development of science.
Mahmud Karimov, an outstanding scientist, a highly skilled scientific organizer and a noble man, will always live in the memory of those who knew him.
May Allah rest his soul in peace!

Ilham Aliyev
Artur Rasi-zade
Ogtay Asadov
Ramiz Mehdiyev
Elchin Afandiyev
Hajıbala Abutalıbov
Fatma Abdullazade
Misir Mardanov
Ali Abbasov
Arif Mehdiyev
Arif Hashimov
Akif Alizade
Naila Velikhanlı
Jalal Aliyev
Jamil Aliyev
Vagif Farzaliyev
Ismayıl Hajıyev
Akif Hajıyev
Nadir Seyidov
Arif Ismayılzade
Ahliman Amiraslanov
Garib Mammadov
Kamal Abdullayev
Khoshbakht Yusifzade
Tofig Naghıyev
Nariman Guliyev
Arif Pashayev
Abel Maharramov
Siyavush Garayev
Isa Habibbayli
Urkhan Alakbarov
Ziyad Samadzade
Shamsaddin Hajıyev
Vasim Mammadaliyev
Telman Aliyev
Adil Garibov
Rasim Alguliyev
Eyyub Guliyev
Nazim Mammadov

A farewell ceremony for Mahmud Karimov will take place from 12.00-15.00 on February 11, 2013 when his coffin will be put in the Round Hall of the National Academy of Sciences (Huseyn Javid Avenue, 31).
A funeral ceremony will take place at the Alley of Honors.

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