Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy holds seminar for delegation of NATO Defence College

On December 17th Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy hosted a workshop on security and economic policy of Azerbaijan for the delegation of NATO Defense College.
Representatives of Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense, National Security and Economic Development exchanged views on the cooperation between Azerbaijan and NATO.
Rector of Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA) Hafiz Pashayev gave detailed information to the delegation members on the foundation of the Academy and the academic programs here.
Deputy Foreign Minister, Professor of ADA Araz Azimov made a speech on “Azerbaijan’s regional and international security policy.” Araz Azimov also gave information on the current situation in the region and Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno Karabakh conflict.
Chief of the Military Academy of the Armed Forces, Major-General Najaf Gambarov told about the international co-operation activities, bilateral and multilateral military cooperation of Azerbaijani Armed Forces.
The other speakers touched upon the socio-economic development and achievements of Azerbaijan in recent years.
NATO Defense College (NDC) is an international military college for North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries located in Rome, Italy.
The idea of a NATO Defense College originated with General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the first Supreme Allied Commander Europe, who identified very early on the need for a new international institution with a unique education mission. On 19 November 1951, the NATO Defense College opened its doors to Course 1 in Paris. In 1966, France withdrew from the Alliance's integrated military structure and the College moved to Rome where it continues to fulfill its mission. First, on 10 September 1999, the new College building, twice the size of the old one, was inaugurated Cecchignola Città Militare, a military zone 2 km from the former site. Then, on 25 September 2001, the NATO Defense College celebrated its 50th Anniversary and hosted the 48th Annual Conference and Seminar of the Association of Anciens. Eight years later on 25 September 2009 celebration of the 60th Anniversary of NATO and the NATO Defense College ten years in Cecchignola.
The Commandant is an officer with the rank of Lieutenant-General; As of 22 July 2011 the Commandant is Lt.Gen. Arne Baard Dalhaug (Norwegian Army). To accomplish its mission the College is organized into four main divisions that perform education and research tasks coordinated by the DEAN (civilian equivalent of a 2-star General) of the College.
The divisions work closely together to provide breadth, flexibility and quality of high-level strategic education.
The Director of Management (a Brigadier General) supervises management of the NDC’s financial and technical resources with the aim of improving the quality of life in the College and creating the best conditions for work and study.


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