YAY! Gallery to open in Icharisheher

The YAY! Gallery will open on Wednesday in the very Downtown with a joint exhibition of three emerging artists- Faig Ahmed, Farid Rasulov and Elshan Ibrahimov.
Baku residents have already got familiarized with YARAT! Contemporary Art Space-implemented projects; each of them have left an imprint on the pages of cultural life of the capital city.
Like YARAT! Art Space, the YAY! Gallery was schemed by Mrs. Aida Makhmudova and persecutes the purpose of presenting contemporary Azerbaijani art entirely and in interesting manner as well as putting exhibition attendants next to trendy names in world art.
Hence, both local and foreign artists will be able to demonstrate their artworks in the YAY! Gallery. Among the perspective schemes of the YAY! Gallery, one might mention quest for new and interesting partners and support to the artists, which for a long time have been cooperating with YARAT! Contemporary Art Space.
It is safe to say, the YAY! Gallery and YARAT! Contemporary Art Space will make a complimentary and effective alliance and will support each others` activities in future. For instance, the YAY! Gallery might plan to render financial and technical assistance to YARAT! Contemporary Art Space-designed initiatives, while YARAT! Contemporary Art Space itself could remain the key source of ideas and gifted artists and will shape the conceptions of the exhibitions to have been held.
Traditional and unaccustomed, re-designed and streamlined as well as going hand-in-hand with the present Azerbaijani carpets will be the first thematic issue raised at the exhibition by YAY! Gallery. Carpets do not function as integral attribute of Lares and Penates, amenities and steadiness in the modern digital world. While some refined the carpets away from their homes, others fervidly store them; the carpets, however, still keep their capacity of being Hippocrene and totally unanticipated experiments` tool for certain artists. Pixel-based carpet breakdown and puzzle-like flowing down construction is made from numerous components and demostrate strong resemblance to once popular Tetris game figures. Every participant of the exhibition has his/her own puzzle to have been resolved.
In this case, the number of participants are three... Mr. Faig Ahmed, a graduate from Department of Sculpture, Azerbaijan State Fine Arts Academy and 52-nd Venice Biennalle representatives strives to go beyond tradionally accepted frameworks and provoke transformations in ancient decor of Azerbaijani carpets. Being an organized matter, subtle and flexible at the same time, fleece establishes its presence together with cold-blooded plastic in Faig Ahmad`s works. His pieces have already won high opinions of the censurers and specialists at Art Dubai Contemporary Art Fair, which was held this year.
Mr. Farid Rasulov, an emerging artist, also represented Azerbaijan at aforementioned Venice Biennale. He produces original photoprints, in which western style-designed interior is enveloped by oriental carpets. Aluminium and organic glass-based animal characters emerge upon getting generated by incomparable grandeur- like in commemoration of Western and Estearn civilizations losing their background and breaking strong links with the Mother Nature.
Mr. Eshan Ibrahimov is delighted to present carpet decor-based computer games. The "Carpet games" he designed concatenates daily routine and the magnificent beauty, digital mindset of XXI teenager and ancient popular customs. In his interpretation, carpets, which were rejected by actual households, deserve home-coming yet through expressing fundamentally new character.
All participating authors are ignited by the idea of breathing new life to Azerbaijani carpets and proving viability of culture to get transformed and evolve as a response to time defiance. Their endeavours look exceptionally queer and curious against perhaps the most conservative and hard-to-change decoration item-the carpet.
Newly-constructed YAY! Gallery will open an exhibition in Icherisheher on 10th of October 2012. It is expected the gallery will turn into artistic experiements space and YARAT! Contemporary Art Space-implemented projects center. Exhibition will continue till 11th of November 2012.



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